SHARK 105-M, when fitted with SKM 125 machine straight torch, is suitable to be used for automated cutting for fabrication works on medium thickness.


This power source can be easily connected to cutting pantographs, having the ability to manage the following signals:

  • Power source ON/OFF
  • Cutting arc control
  • Torch height

Smart Start Transfer and Smart End Cutting functions permit both initial and final cutting phases in an optimal way.
Main features:

  • SKM 125 torch with HPC High Performance Cutting technology and coaxial cable
  • Pilot arc torch
  • Possibility of cutting grids and perforated lamination sheets
  • Powerful, compact and light, only 24 Kg
  • Reduced operating costs granted by longer life of the consumable parts
  • Gouging facility with proper consumables
  • By replacing the originally supplied SKM 125 torch with SK125 manual torch, M version can be easily converted and used for manual cutting thanks to the plug-in connector.



    SHARK 105-M
 Input Voltage 50/60 Hz V 400-3ph
Cutting Range A 20 ÷ 100
Duty Cycle at (40°C) 100% A 70
60% A 90
X% A 100 (40%)
Cutting Capcity @ I2 Max Quality mm 25
Production mm 30
Maximum mm 35
Piercing mm 20
Cutting Power (*) kVA 17
Weight kg 24

(*) This value is obtained by multiplying the maximum current by the cutting voltage, thus allowing to evaluate the effective cutting power of the equipment.

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