SK 25

SK torches used for SHARK equipment are the result of research carried out in the last decade, in order to improve the performance of the plasma cutting beam, thus increasing its control and its thermal energy.
SK25, torches, used on single phase equipment, are based on back striking technology which produces consistently precise arc striking with a consequent longer life of the consumables.

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It represents the best solution for plasma torches up to 60 A. In conventional torches without high frequency, the arc striking is obtained by means of compressed air which moves away the electrode head from the inner part of the nozzle. This system causes, in the plasma flow exit area, both electrode and nozzle material deterioration because of burns and deformations subsequent to pilot arc striking between them. In contrast, the back striking system takes place in the rear side of the electrode and nozzle, thus leaving clean and unaltered the flow exit area.

Main advantages are:

  • Longer life of the consumables
  • Striking always precise and safe
  • Better cutting quality over time
1 422665 Torch body 1
2 433607 O-ring 10
3 425021 Electrode 10
4 482126 Swirl ring 5
5 408600 Nozzle contact cutting ø 0,65 (10-20 A) 10
6 408601 Nozzle contact cutting ø 0,8 (20-30 A) 10
7 425058 Extended electrode 5
8 408620 Extended nozzle contact cutting ø 0,65 (10-20 A) 5
9 408621 Extended nozzle contact cutting ø 0,8 (20-30 A) 5
10 486076 External nozzle 1

Assembled on SK25 torch when supplied with the equipment

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