vision.PULSE-POWER is the new special process developed for welding medium large thickness steel and non ferrous materials, whenever high penetration, coupled with a very smooth bead, is required.
The fine-tuned and well-balanced combination between MIG Pulse and vision.POWER processes now allows to perform the welding operation in a simple and quick way with a substantial reduction of any melting defects in the puddle and even the heat affected area is greatly reduced to the minimum.
By utilizing vision.PULSE-POWER special process, MIG Pulse grants the perfect melting of the material without any spatter or shortcircuits, whilst vision.POWER favours a greater penetration and an increase in the welding speed, coupled with a minor heat input and an easier control on the deposited material.
The result is a very smooth, well-penetrated and defect-free bead.
Besides, by using this new process, the operator will be able to simply weld straightforward, i.e. without any torch manipulation at all.


  • Deeper penetration
  • Wide and smoothly shaped welding bead
  • Faster welding speed
  • Low heat transfer and less deformation of the workpiece material
  • No undercut at all and improved edge finishing
  • Straightforward welding technique without any torch manipulation
  • Less consumption of both filler materials and shielding gas
  • Less fume emission



  • Positional welding of medium large thickness material
  • “T” fillet welding
  • Medium and large fabrication work
  • Heavy duty truck and vehicle manufacture
  • Shipyards
  • Railway wagon fabrication
  • Large size tank and container manufacture

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