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The Whistleblowing service is an early warning system created to reduce fraud, corruption and other risks. Furthermore, it is also an important tool to maintain customer and stakeholder trust in CEA. Whistleblowing is available at any time to employees, customers and interested parties through the following link:

You can create an anonymous report using Whistleblowing. The channel is provided by Easynet, an impartial service provider that safeguards the anonymous management of relationships. Neither CEA nor Easynet can identify or trace the source of a report unless contact details are provided. There is no log of reporting activity until it is declared non-anonymous. For each report, the Supervisor is notified via email. The reporting is managed in maximum security via 2-factor authentication and decoding certificate.

Whistleblowing is a tool for reporting serious suspicions of misconduct in good faith.

Thank you for helping CEA promote and police its work ethic.

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