vision.PULSE-RUN is the new special process appositely conceived in order to combine the advantages of pulse welding together with a faster travel speed while welding alloyed or low alloyed steel and aluminium.
The fine-tuned and well-balanced combination between MIG Pulse and vision.ULTRASPEED processes now enables to greatly increase welding job completion, while maintaining unchanged both aesthetic and metallurgical characteristics of pulse welding.
By using vision.PULSE-RUN special process, MIG Pulse grants the perfect melting of the material without any spatter or shortcircuits, whilst the combined use of vision.ULTRASPEED allows to reduce the heat input and to increase welding speed, thus resulting into a well-dimensioned defect-free bead obtained in a far quicker time versus traditional pulse welding.


  • Faster welding speed (40% more versus traditional MIG pulse)
  • Better control of the puddle at high speed welding
  • Low heat transfer to the workpiece
  • Better penetration
  • Lower deformation of the workpiece (stainless steel)
  • Lack of spatters and projections



  • Steel, stainless and aluminium component welding
  • Fabrication work
  • Steel erection
  • Petrochemical
  • Food industry
  • Railway wagon manufature
  • Small dimension tanks and containers

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