vision.PULSE-UP is the newly developed special process dedicated to vertical up welding.
Thanks to the fine-tuned and well-balanced combination between MIG Pulse and a special MIG process it is now possible to effect this type of welding in an easy and economical way too, with a far greater travel speed if compared to the traditional and typical triangular welding up technique, the so called “Christmas tree”.
By using vision.PULSE-UP special process , MIG Pulse grants the perfect melting of the material without any spatter or shortcircuits, whilst MIG process, thanks to its low heat input, allows to properly solidify and smoothly shape deposited material. Final result consists of a narrower, well-dimensioned and defect-free bead.


  • Faster welding speed and excellent performances in vertical up
  • Straightforward welding instead of the “Christmas tree” technique
  • Perfect melting of the top edge
  • Low heat transfer on low thickness material
  • Faster welding speed versus TIG welding for first root passes
  • Perfect heat transfer control with edge contained deformation
  • Easy-to-use also for less skilled welders



  • Vertical up welding of all metals
  • Positional welding of medium-small thickness material
  • Large gap joint welding
  • MIG brazing with low heat transfer
  • Stainless steel welding
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food industry

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