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27 November 2017

Robotic welding: 5 good reasons to buy high-tech welding machines

In the world of welding, progression is everything. Gone are the days where the basic machinery sufficed. Instead, today, we are investing more and more time and money into high-tech welding machines that push our technological boundaries and secure our status as innovative companies. So, here are the top five reasons why you should take the plunge and purchase one for your business.


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You will become a greater threat to your competitors

To remain competitive and further increase your threat level, you must be willing to continuously look for ways to improve your welding processes. These include: increasing throughput, minimising defects and keeping costs low for parts and labour. Investing in a high-tech welding machine is one way that you can achieve all of these goals and therefore, beat your competitors. Even though you may have to spend a little more money, the return that you will receive greatly outweighs the initial cost. Being that one step ahead of your competitors means that you are able to attract a broader consumer audience as they will hear about your reputation as a company who can complete and deliver consistently high-quality products within a short timeframe. As a result of this, your profits will increase and you will reclaim the money that you first invested, it’s really a win-win situation!


Robotic welding can Increase productivity

Investing in a high-tech welding machine is an effective way to increase your productivity. Not only are you able to improve your yield rates and lower cycle times, but you may also be able to reduce piece costs. An important aspect of the new high-tech welding equipment, that aids in increasing productivity, is that you do not have to add extra staff. This is really a bonus especially as there is not only a chronic shortage of welding operators but also, the time and money that it takes to train new people. With high-tech machinery, a great deal of the work that would normally be done manually is done instead by the machine. With these high-tech welding machines, particularly robotic welding machines, you are usually able to process welded components three to five times faster than humans. This is due to them operating continuously, withstanding a greater arc on-time and their ability to move quickly between weld joint positions. You can also rely on these machines to have a high level of skill as well as concentration that will achieve consistency and repeatability unlike a manual welder who is prone to tiredness or outdated versions of the machines that may be less accurate.


Keeping your factory safe

When welding, there are, of course, numerous health and safety risks for those working in close proximity such as electric shocks, exposure to gases and toxic fumes and flash burns to the corneas. These are unfortunate risks that come with the job. High-tech welding machines have been proven to minimise these hazards with many reports of reductions in the number of accidents to workers. So, if you are a company who puts your worker’s safety first, you should invest in a high-tech welding machine.


Robotic welding can increase Quality 

With the help of high-tech welding machines, you can guarantee an increase in the quality of your products. Not only will the increase in quality help you to stand out from your competitors, it will also ensure that every single welding joint is consistently produced to the highest quality and therefore, significantly reduce the need for costly reworking. With your high-tech welding machine, you bid farewell to the mistakes that come from manual labour and from out-of-date machinery.


Reduced Production Costs

Thanks to the improvements in quality, consistency and productivity, high-tech welding has the potential to deliver parts at a reduced cost. You can further save through reduced energy consumption and consumable costs in addition to lowering worker’s compensation and insurance costs thanks to the safety benefits that this updated machinery brings.

Well, there you have it; the top five reasons why you should make the move and invest in high-tech machinery. No matter what size your company, it really is worth considering as you can save money, improve productivity and become a distinct threat to your competitors.



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