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7 May 2019

Low cost welding machine: saving means spending more

Considering the price as the main factor in choosing a welding machine is not recommended, for a series of reasons that those who are knowledgeable on this type of machinery and this sector are aware of.

We’ll tell you about them and describe them below.

If you just need to weld a few things at home for a few DIY projects, you could perhaps take a risk and purchase a low-cost machine, taking into consideration only basic functions, in addition to price. It’s no coincidence the word “risk” was used here, because if the low-cost welding machine breaks after a little while, or fails to reach the desired performance, then what should have been a relaxing hobby becomes a frustrating ordeal.


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If we’re talking about welding systems for professional work – at companies, construction sites, and used by independent workers who therefore need quality machines – then price should be just one of the factors to take into consideration when choosing the right one for the job.

The low-cost option, in this case, is then strongly discouraged.


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Research and Development in the production of welding machines

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A serious company who wishes to constantly improve the performance and usability of its welding machines, cannot do without an R&D department.

Being unaware of the issues that arise during a certain processing – for instance the spatter issue in MIG/MAG welding or excess heat input to the weld pool – neglecting developments in the sector and evolving customer needs are factors that translate into the production of welding machines that do not satisfy the market and, in the long-term, lead to a decrease in sales.

Those who create welding systems in step with the times and ensure a customer service that does not waste customers’ time and money, cannot base their business model on lowering prices.

The use of advanced technologies, such as those that make welding machines synergic, and therefore help the welder work fast and with excellent results, or more simply those that reduce the weight of the machine without decreasing its power, are the result of studies and tests that are essential to ensuring instruments that help with work every day.



Customer service leads to savings


When purchasing machines for professional use, we cannot ignore the type of assistance provided in the case of failures or maintenance.

There is no machine or tool in the world that can exist completely immune from breakages, or that does not require regular checks. When stopping an automated system to repair a welding machine, customer service must be fast and spare parts must be available as quickly as possible.

Every minute a machine is not working is a cost to the company.

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Very often, when the welding machine is low-cost, customer service is not so timely and reliable. If the manufacturer does not have wide-ranging coverage, yet sells throughout the world, even finding a simple part to replace becomes a drawn-out battle.

It therefore becomes essential to turn to predictive and 4.0 technologies, which we have discussed extensively.


Low cost welding machine: pay attention to the details that make a difference

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Purchasing low-cost products of poor quality can also lead to high costs in terms of electrical consumption or long processing times.

Today’s welding machines must have systems for saving energy that can have a lower impact on the environment and also lead to savings for the user.

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For welding fast, while keeping the product’s quality high, using a TIG or MIG/MAG welding machine with functions designed precisely to make work easier for the operator, enables lowering production costs.


Certainly, purchasing such important and technologically advanced machinery must come in the face of studying and analysing the various players present on the market. The features to assess before considering price, as we mentioned, are the professionalism, experience, product quality, customer service and customer care offered.

Purchasing machinery from a player like this, will provide stability, production constancy and advantages in the medium and long term.



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