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Arc welding




This is a professional and guaranteed service able to provide all clients the calibration of all the measuring instruments fitted in the welding equipment.

In arc welding process, welding quality itself is strictly subordinated, in addition to the experience and professionality of the operator, to the precision in adjusting and repeating same parameters, such as welding current, voltage and wire speed (MIG/MAG welding).

Calibration means to verify the measuring precision of the instruments being utilized in your own welding equipment. This must fully meet what prescribed by EN 60974-14 norm, which clearly states methods, instruments and allowed tolerances as necessary for each operation.

What for calibrating?

To calibrate means to periodically check the measuring precision of the instruments provided into the welding equipment. Such a control grants the full compliance of the parameter tolerances and, therefore, allows you to repeat welding results by granting an unchanged quality while welding the workpiece.
It also allows you to cope with instructions as prescribed in your WPS’s related to the workpiece being welded.

CEA calibration

CEA calibration is obtained by connecting the power source to a conventional load in order to measure by means of precise and certified instruments both current and voltage as performed by the machine. In MIG/MAG also welding wire speed is to be controlled in the same way.
Whenever such a test is positive, a proper certificate is also released complete with all detected data and the power source is to be fitted with a sticker stating the test result together with its validity date.
Such a service has got various options ranging from calibration made in CEA factory just after the machine is completed on the assembly line, to calibration made directly at the final user’s.