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Plasma cutting


robotic plasma cutting 150 A

SHARK 155 MR, when fitted with SKM 165 straight torch, is suitable to be used for all robotic cutting

With its stunning cutting force, SHARK 155-Mr is the most powerful machine in the range. Robust and precise, it ensures extremely high quality cutting results also on very large thickness. Equipped with a display for the digital control of all the parameters, it grants the highest cutting quality at high speed by means of SKM165 HPC High-Performance-Cutting technology torch, which combines the concentrated cutting beam to high power.

Smart Start Transfer and Smart End Cutting functions permit both initial and final cutting phases in the best way.

Main benefits

  • SKM165 torch with HPC High Performance Cutting technology and coaxial cable
  • Digital display for the digital control of all parameters
  • Very high cutting power
  • More productivity thanks to high quality and cutting speed

Other characteristics

  • Reduced operating costs granted by longer life of the consumable parts
  • Electronic control for an excellent cutting quality
  • Professional high flow air circulation
  • Pilot arc torch
  • Possibility of cutting grids and perforated lamination sheets
  • Contact cutting possibility
  • Ability to gouging jobs
  • Cutting parameter stability within ±20% mains voltage fluctuations
  • Shockproof and dustproof control rack protection cover
  • Electric protection on the torch for the maximum safety of the operator

Technical features

Available accessories

Discover all available accessories

SKM 165 6m
Machine Straight Torch SKM 165 6 m 160 A
SKM 165 12m
Machine Straight Torch SKM 165 12 m 160 A
Compressed air filter

Compressed air filter

Filter cartridges

Filter cartridges package of 4 pcs


SHARK 155-MR: Technical features

Input Voltage 50/60 Hz V 400-3ph
Input Power @ I2 max kVA 27,5
Delayed Fuse (I2 @ 100%) A 32
Power Factor / cos φ 0,89/0,99
Efficiency Degree % 88
Current range A 25 ÷ 150
Duty Cycle (40°C) 100% A 100
60% A 120
X% A 150 (30%)
Motorgenerator requirement for full capacity kVA 50
Cutting Capacity Quality mm 32
Production mm 40
Maximum mm 50
Piercing mm 25
Cutting power KW 26,3
Gas supply Air / N2
Gas Pressure bar 5,0 – 6,0
Gas Flow l/min 360 ÷ 410
Protection Class  IP 23 S
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 515 x 290 x 730
Weight kg 48


Configure SHARK 155-MR for your needs

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