Based on the very latest IGBT inverter technology, TIG power sources with high frequency arc striking of the MATRIX series are equipped with an innovative digital panel for the complete control of all the welding parameters. The excellent technical characteristics of these welding machines, coupled with the feature of digital control, allow high quality TIG welding, suitable for the toughest industrial applications and maintenance. These highly advanced technology power sources are robust and user friendly: MATRIX AC/DC’s can also be used for TIG welding of all metals, including aluminium and its alloys. MATRIX series power sources also offer excellent performance also in MMA welding with the most difficult basic and cellulosic electrodes.

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Innovative spot welding device to achieve precise and safe joining with a minimal thermal input. “Multi-coldTACK” function grants cold spotting in a rapid sequence, thus further widening the benefits of the single spot. Thanks to “Perfect-Point” function, coldTACK allows to obtain the most precise spot positioning.


Function allows, by simply pressing the torch trigger, continuously switching between two current values, previously preselected. This function is most suitable for welding different thickness profiles, requiring a continuous current adjustment change. In welding aluminium, the ability of using a higher start current favours the workpiece preheating.


SYN “EASY PULSE”- SYN facility, in function of the chosen peak current, generates, in a simple and automatic way, an adequate pulse frequency and base current, both readjustable in a synergic way. Pulse parameter values preselected in the control will save setting time, by ensuring the best possible pulse parameter combinations, ideal for less skilled welders.


  • Digital adjustment of all the welding parameters
  • Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter with welding current presetting and Hold Function of the last read value
  • Digital ammeter with welding current presetting
  • Digital display for the presetting of the welding parameters
  • Full monitoring of the welding parameters
  • Welding process selector: TIG AC • TIG DC • TIG DC “Lift” • MMA
  • Welding mode selector: 2 Stroke • 4 Stroke • Cycle • Spot Timer
  • Personalised welding program storing and recalling
  • Pulse TIG welding adjustable from 0,5 up to 2000 Hz with available “EASY PULSE” facility
  • AC square wave balance and Balance Plus
  • AC square wave frequency adjustment
  • Tungsten electrode diameter presetting for a better control of the arc striking and arc dynamics
  • Wave Selector: Square • Mixed • Sinusoidal •Triangular
Saldatura TIGSaldatura elettrodo rivestitoErogazione corrente continua-alternataRegolazione elettronicaControllo digitaleProgrammabileInnesco alta frequenza
4100 AC/DC 5100 AC/DC
Three phase input 50/60 Hz V  +15%
400 400
Input Power @ I2 Max kVA 19 26
Delayed Fuse(l2 @ 100%) A 32 40
Power Factor / cos φ   0,69/0,99 0,73/0,99
Efficiency Degree   0,86 0,87
Open circuit voltage V 70 70
Current range A 5 – 400 5 – 500
Duty cycle at (40°C) A 100% 350 400
A 60% 400 500
A 35%
Standards   EN 60974-1 • EN 60974-3 • EN 60974-10
Protection Class IP 23 S 23 S
Insulation Class   H H
Dimensions  mm 660 660
 mm 290 290
 mm 515 515
Weight kg 53 54

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