SHARK 125 is equipped with display for managing all the digital control. In combination with the technology HPC High-Performance-Cutting of the torch SK125, it grants to every user a cutting beam very concentrated and hot. This feature allows a very high precision and speed in cutting for a wide range of thickness. Shark 125 has also the special function Smart Start Transfer and Smart End Cutting for a better management of the cut during the start and end.

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  • SK125 torch with HPC High Performance Cutting technology and coaxial cable
  • Digital display for the digital control of all parameters
  • Very high cutting power: 120A @ 60%
  • More productivity thanks to high quality and cutting speed


Plasma gouging represents a rapid, economic and easier method for removing metal as compared to traditional gouging by means of carbon electrodes. It reduces smoke emissions and noise; furthermore no specialized operators are required and gouging area can be clearly seen.


Process able to produce a very thin cutting width to improve the cutting quality of thin metals with detailed details or complex shapes. With this process it is possible to replace expensive technologies like laser and waterjet.
It is possible to obtain detailed cuts with air plasma using the Clean-Cut consumables available for the SK125 torches for manual cutting and for those SKM125 mounted on automated systems. Clean-Cut consumables produce a narrower cutting width with a more concentrated arc ideal for cutting thinner materials (up to 2mm) with maximum cutting currents of 45A.


Innovative electronic circuit during arc striking gives an optimal and gradual pilot arc switching to the cutting arc, by ensuring an immediate stability of the plasma beam for a longer life of the torch consumables.


At the end of the cutting process, the current gradually reduces to an optimal value, which favors part detachment in an efficient way. Besides minimizing noise at the end of cutting, this device also obviates the necessity of the operator having to manually separate the pieces, thereby avoiding any damage to cut surface ends.

Taglio al plasmaRegolazione elettronicaCompensazione tensione di rete ±X%Arco pilota
Input Voltage 50/60 Hz V
Input Power @ I2 max kVA 21
Delayed Fuse (I2 @ 100%) A 30
Power Factor / cos φ   0,89/0,99
Efficency Degree  % 86
Current range A 25 ÷ 120
Duty Cycle (40°C) 100% A 100
60% A 120
30% A
Motorgenerator requirement for full capacity kVA 40
Cutting Capacity Recommended mm 40
Maximum mm 45
Severange mm 50
Piercing mm 25
Gas supply   Aria / N2
Gas Pressure bar 5,0 ÷ 6,0
Gas Flow l/min 280 ÷ 330
Protection Class  IP 23 S 
Dimension  mm 515
 mm 290
 mm 730
Weight kg 48