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7 November 2017

The importance of technical assistance in CEA’s after-sales

In any company, technical assistance is a vital aspect of the entire customer experience that cannot be underestimated, particularly with respect to after-sales.

As CEA is a company dedicated to offering top quality customer care, it is no surprise that technical assistance plays a central role in their after-sales protocol. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about what it actually is and why it plays such an important role in a customer’s after-sales experience.


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What is technical assistance?

To put it simply, it is all about providing advice, assistance and training that pertains to the installation, operation and maintenance of equipment. It can take many forms from sharing information and expertise to offering training and consulting services that teach the most important skills.

What is after-sales?

After-sales is a service that is provided after merchandise or services have been sold. It encompasses a wide array of services that cater to all types of consumers, but the central aim is to assist customers in using the product, which they have purchased, correctly. This is extremely beneficial for both the company and the consumer as not only is the customer offered help and given all the assistance needed to operate their machine, but the company generates repeat customers, develops brand loyalty among their customers and ensure their maximum satisfaction as they become known for quality service.

So, now that we know the general definitions for these two terms, let’s talk a little bit about why technical assistance is so important to CEA in terms of their aftersales.

It is part of the brand and image

Offering technical assistance to their customers has always been a central focus of CEA. It allows them to ensure that all of their machines and all of the parts that are purchased by consumers, are performing correctly and efficiently, no matter where they are installed.

It is an opportunity to support customers

Welding machines are a rather delicate business and there is a distinct shortage of skilled, knowledgeable professionals who can offer information on the subject, that is why it is an industry that must be navigated with great care as they grow in complexity. That is where technical assistance comes in. It offers customers the opportunity to gain the support and help that they need in order to succeed.

It puts CEA at a competitive advantage

Technical assistance has really helped to root CEA firmly in its position as one of the top companies in the industry. It which they provide is second to none and really places them at a competitive advantage. Providing the right amount of care and attentiveness to customers is what makes a company stand out from the crowd and places them at the top of their field.

It increases customer and brand loyalty

Customers are far more likely to come back to your business if you provide excellent customer service and a large part of excellent customer service stems from the after-sales portion. It is all well to offer excellent service during the purchasing process, but that does not just end when the machine leaves the factory. It must continue through the installation process and beyond until they are fully satisfied with their purchase.

It generates satisfied customers

When customers are given support and care throughout the buying process, they are always found to be happier and more satisfied. It is just a common fact. The importance of knowing that at every stage of the process, someone is there to offer you all of the assistance that you could possibly need and to aid you in any queries or issues is vital and cannot be underestimated.

So, there you have the principle reasons why technical assistance is so vital in CEA’s after-sales. It is pretty evident to see why it is beneficial to not only the company but also to the customers that CEA offers technical assistance. Perhaps they say it best with their slogan ‘welding together’. They will support you each step of the way from purchase to installation and beyond. That is customer care!


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