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18 February 2019

TIG welding machine: DC and AC DC welding machine designed by CEA

CEA’s lengthy experience in the field of welding has enabled the company to create product lines designed to assist those who work with these tools every day.

The professionals who use CEA welding systems are satisfied with an advanced technology that has helped carry out even complex work. Those who are beginners can appreciate the ease in which arc welding machines can be used optimally.

The product catalogue features the following TIG welding machine lines:

  • TIG DC
  • TIG - Automation

In this article we will talk about TIG DC and TIG AC-DC.

In over sixty-five years of business, the company has been able to follow the developments of the technology and offer a wide range of systems with inverter technology: DC and AC/DC.

All CEA welding machines feature excellent levels of electric arc control and manufacturing quality. This ensures always-perfect ignition and a stable arc throughout the weld.

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The TIG DC line

tig welding machine - dc welding machine

CEA’s direct current welding machines are designed to meet users’ different needs. All these machines have accessories that, if added to the standard equipment, can make the welder’s work even easier.

The simplest TIG welding machines are those in the RAINBOW line, which feature a compact design and are lightweight. They are chosen for their ease of transportation and use, even when there are clearance issues.

Featuring digital control, these powerful 100 kHz generators – based on the latest-generation IGBT and equipped with planar transformer – enable TIG welding of all metals, excluding aluminium and its alloys.

If you prefer a more high-performance machine, then we have the MATRIX models. For instance, the MATRIX 2200 HF has a series of technologies that enable working in the best conditions.

These welding machines have an advanced tack welding device that generates a low heat input. Another useful device is the Power Factor Correction, which optimises energy absorption and enables connecting to the mains with a 16 ampere fuse, and to motor-generators.

The digital control, which is easy to understand and has advanced functions, ensures absolute stability of all welding parameters, guaranteeing high quality welds, both in TIG and MMA with any type of electrode.tig welding machine - dc welding machine

Additional products in the Matrix line are:

  • Matrix 2600HF: Its high technical characteristics make it possible to carry out high quality TIG welds in direct current, perfect for skilled work in the industry and in maintenance.
  • Matrix 3000HF: perfect for skilled work in the industry and in maintenance.
  • Matrix 3001HF: comes with a simplified digital display for setting and easily selecting the main welding functions clearly shown on the simple control panel.
  • Matrix 4200HF: the generator comes with a comprehensive and innovative digital control of all welding parameters.

These items are the fruit of the most up-to-date INVERTER technology.

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Single-phase and three-phase TIG AC-DC welding machines

CEA has a variety of products for this line of welding machines as well:

  • MATRIX 2200 AC/DC (single-phase)
  • MATRIX 3000 AC/DC (three-phase)
  • MATRIX 4100 AC/DC (three-phase)
  • MATRIX 5100 AC/DC (three-phase)

All these products feature cutting edge technologies and can weld any type of metal, including aluminium.

The MATRIX AC/DC can work in DC with frequency adjustable up to 2000 Hz, feature various waveforms in AC for skilled work on aluminium, and now also benefit from the innovative function for tack welding, coldTACK, for precise and secure quality seams with minimal heat input.

Chosen by professional welders, the MATRIX line by CEA has advanced tools that enable, for instance, choosing the waveform in AC or achieving perfect welds with a low heat input.


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