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11 April 2024

Discover the enhanced features of CEA's New Website

Your gateway to an excellent digital welding experience

Discover the enhanced features of CEA's New Website. Embark on a journey of innovation and efficiency with CEA's all-new website, meticulously designed to elevate your digital experience when searching for the best welding solutions. We are proud to introduce new features and functionalities that ensure a seamless and immersive exploration of our products and services.

Do You Need Easy Access To Our Solutions? Just Use Our Home Page
Our new home page has a great new look full of details and with an specific optimized menu for every business unit of CEA for faster access.

Home - CEA Welding

Discover the enhanced features of CEA's New Website

CEA believes that good products are not enough to accomplish your daily challenges and we work hard every day to let you have the best in any condition. Our new website is a clear step in this direction because we are giving to you all the easiest access to a world of incredible solutions by CEA. It's now possible to discover the enhanced feature of our products with multiple new web-tools that you will love.
Navigate our product pages with ease and precision, thanks to our enhanced features:

  • Well-Shown Technical Characteristics: Dive deep into product specifications with clear and comprehensive details.
  • Always Available Accessories: Explore a wide range of accessories readily available for your welding needs.
  • PDF Downloads: Access detailed product information anytime, anywhere, with downloadable PDFs.
  • Composer: Customize your ideal CEA mix and solution with our Composer tool, offering the flexibility to print or request your personalized solution directly from CEA.
  • Faster connection to MyCEA

Do You Have Problems In Finding The Right Solution For Your Necessity?
Just use our brand new PRODUCT SELECTOR with guided process to find your best solution starting from your specific necessity:

Arc welding - CEA Welding | Plasma cutting - CEA Welding | Resistance welding - CEA Welding

New Products Line Up: Revolutionizing Welding Technology

Experience the future of welding with our latest product offerings:

DOGMA: The First / The Game Changer

Introducing DOGMA, the world's first compact MIG-MAG inverter equipment that sets new standards in welding innovation. With its ergonomic design and precise arc control, DOGMA ensures unparalleled welding quality across all industrial sectors.

DIGITECH VP3: The Welding Edge

Enter the world of synergic pulsed welding of the highest quality with DIGITECH VP3 power sources. These top-performing welding marvels, equipped with vision.ARC2 software, delivers exceptional results in PULSED MIG, DUAL PULSED, MIG-MAG, MMA, and TIG welding applications.

MAXI i: The Ultimate Solution

Meet MAXI i, the epitome of simplicity and reliability in MIG-MAG inverter equipment. With its modern design and energy-efficient performance, MAXI i is the optimal choice for industrial applications and large fabrication work.

Work without worries with our support area

Discover the enhanced features of CEA's New Website. Dive in, explore, and unlock a world of tips and support with our wide range of frequently asked question in Support - CEA Welding. Don't limit your possibilities and contact us though the contact link to unleash the full potential of your CEA WELDING EQUIPMENT. Your welding journey starts here. Visit us now!


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