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26 March 2018

Energy saving business opportunities when selling industrial products

In our modern age, with the rising number of environmental issues, the need to evolve business practices and energy-saving opportunities is at an all-time high particularly in the world of selling industrial products. So, let’s dive right in and talk about some of the energy saving business opportunities that could help you and your customers save the environment (and your financial outgoings).


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Go Solar

If you want to ensure that your company is as environmentally conscientious as possible, installing solar panels could be the way forward. Not only do solar panels do their part to conserve energy but they could also cut your energy bills in half and your taxes by nearly a third! Solar energy (alongside all other renewable energy sources) is readily available, affordable and effective which means, that despite the initial costly expenditure, in the long term, you will save not only the environment but money too. What’s not to love?

Branch into heat and electricity

Across many sectors, there are a great number of opportunities to help companies save energy by improving their insulation capabilities, upgrading their heating and cooling networks and enhancing metering and automation to make better use of heat systems. The opportunity to install these industrial products allows you to branch into offering a broader range of technological options to pair with the more industrial elements and therefore, provide the best solutions possible! This will help your clientele to save energy but also, to ensure that you do your part to promote saving the planet and saving energy.

Help to capture all heat in manufacturing

Another industrial product, that is an excellent way to save energy, is a heat recovery system. A heat recovery system like ‘the Lafarge Plasterboard heat recovery system’ can save 15% on a company’s energy bills and allow more product to be produced through the same equipment. The use of one of these systems can save 1,600 tons of carbon each year, which is the same amount used by 370 cars and it recovers and recycles 6 million litres of water annually. The initial cost may be high but if this is not an energy saving opportunity, I don’t know what is.

Use nanotechnology

Yet another energy saving technology when selling industrial products is embracing nanotechnology. If you embrace nanotechnology coatings for moving parts, the energy savings can be up to 20%! An unbelievable saving for you and the environment.

Giving information and education

Increasing awareness of energy use and knowledge about specific energy-saving opportunities would enable end-users to act more swiftly in their own financial interest. Options include providing more information on utility bills or use of in-building standards and additional devices – and building-labelling schemes, audits and assessments and awareness campaigns.

Get incentives and financing

Given the large upfront investment needed to capture efficiency potential, various approaches could reduce financial hurdles that end-users face. There are many options, these options include traditional and creative financing vehicles (such as on-bill financing), monetary incentives and grants, including tax and cash incentives and price signals such as tiered pricing and externality pricing (carbon price for example).

Incorporate Sustainable materials

If you incorporate sustainable, recycled materials into your products, you will have the perfect way to promote a green philosophy and to promote eco-friendly products.

Promote Green Waste Management

Most homeowners have pickup bins for standard recyclables like paper, glass and plastic but they often do not think about all of the other articles that could potentially be recycled. Ensure that your company recycles everything possible and encourage your customers to do so.

Consider how much energy you waste in your factory or warehouse alone

Various aspects of your warehouse or factory could be costing the environment a great deal for example, the lighting! The conventional light bulb is probably only 10% efficient (that’s to say only 10% is consumed and converted to heat) as up to 90% of the energy is wasted. Other conventional forms of lighting, florescent light tubes and metal halide, while still more efficient, leave a lot to be desired and many companies find lighting to be a huge expense. Motion censored lighting could be a huge saver of the environment and a huge expense saver!

So, you’ve seen the business opportunities to save energy, now it’s time to put them to the test!


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