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26 February 2018

Industrial machinery: which products should you sell online?

 When it comes to selling products online, it is never easy to decide what should and shouldn’t be up for grabs. In the world of industrial machinery, we are dealing with a rather small audience, and when deciding which products should be sold online, we really must ensure that we hit the mark. Well, if you are trembling in the foetal position worrying about what to do then just look ahead and feel soothed by all of the knowledge right at your fingertips.

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Don’t be afraid to sell a variety of products

Ok, the first thing that you should get to grips with when deciding what products to sell online is that there are two categories that products can fall into: commoditised and niche. Now I hear you ask yourself what is the difference? Well, it’s rather simple. Commoditised products are those industrial products that everybody needs. They are the most popular sold online and basically, the products that you will usually find everyone is eager to get their hands on. Niche products, on the other hand, are targeted towards a small, specific segment of customers (in the industrial machinery world, there are quite a few niche areas). On your site, you should sell a combination of these to ensure that you serve your whole audience and ensure that you have a wide range to fit a lot of needs.


Sell the products that solve a problem

As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Taking this tack when generating ideas for what products or services to sell online will provide you with a reliable way to kickstart a successful business. Just try to put yourself in the shoes of someone buying these industrial products and think about their needs and what they are looking for. Then, you will be able to ensure that you sell the stock that they need. When you are selling products, just remember that if they don’t solve a problem or help your customers in some way you may find that you are left with a lot of stock that sits wasting money and space that could be dedicated to other more popular items.


Sell the products that you and your clients are passionate about

If you are passionate about the products you sell then chances are, other people will be too! This passion could be the difference between attracting a clientele that expands and grows and one that dwindles and loses interest. Passion is really key because it is what makes you stand out from the crowd and it is what will drive you to succeed more.

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Don’t be afraid to hop on new trends early

If you are looking for a way to guarantee your success online and looking for what products to stock, then be sure to hop on those latest trends as soon as they pop up. Now, this could take some extra work on your part as keeping track of trends requires a little bit of detective work and investigation but if you are invested in your business’ success then you should be able to pre-meditate what the next fad will be and get prepared to stock these items at competitive prices. You can even outsource this task to one of your team and ensure that they keep track of these details!


Aim to fill the gap in the market

As I mentioned before, there are niche markets! You really must identify and serve these segments and try to find the products that can’t be found anywhere else. If you help them and supply them with what is necessary for their business to thrive, you will create a loyal following of dedicated customers. You could also build a reputation as a supplier of the less known goods which will only attract a wider customer base and secure your success.

So, there you have just a few of the types of products that you can sell online! When you are deciding what to sell online, you can be overwhelmed by choice and worried about the success of your online store. Follow this simple guide about what type of products to sell, and you will not go far wrong!



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