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6 March 2018

How and why you should train your clientele to use welding machines properly

In the world of buying and selling welding machines, educating and training your clientele on how to use these pieces of machinery properly is vital. So, let’s take a look at how you could train your clientele to use their machinery properly and discuss a little about the importance that this holds.

Ensure that safety is a priority

When it comes to working in an environment that is filled with high-power, high-temperature tools and machinery, one thing is certain: safety is a priority. Throughout the welding process, it is crucial that those working with these welding machines protect themselves from the heat and electricity that is generated. There are many dangerous aspects of this area of work, particularly when using the arc welder. With the arc, there is a great risk to the eyes and skin so welders must wear the proper personal protective equipment (or PPE as it’s more commonly known) at all times. Flame-resistant gloves, safety glasses, a welding helmet, a long-sleeved welding jacket and even get articles of flame-resistant clothing and steel-toed shoes come under the PPE umbrella. Now, not only should you protect yourself but also, the environment in which you work. Welders must ensure that their work spaces are well ventilated and that all gas and fume levels are below the permissible limit. You should also warn your clientele about the risk of electric shocks and how to minimise this. One of the key points that you should educate your clientele about is the importance of reading and understanding the manufacturer’s instructions for the equipment. Ensuring that they know their safety manual and the instructions will provide welders with a firm grounding in safety practices and also, allow them to take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others.


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Improved Skills, Improved Success

By helping your customers to improve their processes, their professional skills and their general welding know-how, you will help your customers improve their chances of success in the business. Understanding the welding equipment, ensures that users can perform at the highest level and utilise the welding equipment to its fullest capacity.

Happy clientele can improve your reputation

Training your clientele to efficiently use their welding machinery is necessary as, if you provide your customers with all of the information and advice that they need then, you are more likely to have positive responses, positive reviews and a, therefore, improved reputation. An improved reputation could lead, not only to a larger customer base but also, to a whole new audience of clientele.

Now, we’ve seen why it is important to train your clientele to use welding machines properly so let’s talk about a few of the ways that you could train them.

Offer training courses or workshops

If you really want to give your clientele the opportunity to learn about these pieces of machinery, then offering workshops or training courses is arguably the most effective method. Ensure that the classes are small in order to maximise learning potential. In the course of these workshops, you should talk your customers through the equipment, how to use it, the purposes and how to teach others to operate the machinery safely and efficiently.

You could embrace the new technology: Virtual Reality Technology

Many companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors are discovering the benefits of virtual reality systems for training purposes. Virtual reality tools give employers a safe and cost-effective way to streamline the training process to cater to customer’s specific needs. Welding is a skill that requires not only manual dexterity but attention to detail. While it is not a substitute for hands-on training in an actual welding booth, virtual reality welding can help to expedite skills development and reduce training costs while building a comprehensive blended knowledge.

Encourage clientele to get familiar with welding manuals

By encouraging your clientele to become familiar with the instruction manuals and information sources that are available to them, they will become more knowledgeable about their machinery and its many features. This is only a positive as it will promote safe welding!

Well, there you have it! How and why you should train and educate your welding clientele, it’s time to put them to the test.


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