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11 December 2017

Research and development behind every CEA welding machine

Since its birth in 1950, each welding machine that has left CEA’s warehouse has been the product of advanced research and development. This is what has secured CEA its great success and notoriety in the world of welding and ensured that they keep up with the competition in the constantly evolving business.

Today, we are going to chat a little bit about the research and development that is behind the CEA brand and the reasons why these have become two vital features to consider when manufacturing any product.

Let’s begin by talking a little bit about the main reasons why CEA has placed such a strong spotlight on research and development.


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It allows them to be the best in business and create the best machines

Now, this may seem a little obvious, but one of the primary reasons why CEA has focused (and continues to focus) so much on improving its machines through research and development is because they want to be at the top of the welding industry. They want to provide machines that are of incredible quality, that are at the top of the technological game and that are the very best on the market. It is through constant developing and researching that they manage to manufacture these machines that are constantly evolving to keep up with customers’ needs and demands. In order to be the best company, you must be willing to invest to produce the best machines, and that is exactly what they have done.

They have improved their creativity and innovation

Research and development are forever destined to play an extremely important role for every business, and those in the welding field are no exception. CEA welding has relied on these features since opening its doors to ensure that they become ever-more creative and innovative in what they create. This is what has made them excel far beyond many others in the industry. Each CEA welding machine is the product of months of research, trials and testing. Each machine has been produced with the utmost care and attention by some of the most innovative minds in the business. With almost seventy years of research and development under their belt, it really comes as no surprise that they have gained a reputation for their creativity and innovation which has flourished through the years, gaining them a dedicated following.

They have given them a competitive edge

Thanks to their continued research into what the welding field really wants and needs and their desire to constantly develop new and better products, CEA welding has gained a competitive edge that has led them to take their place at the top of the industry. Investing more in this research and development has put CEA head and shoulders above their competitors who often choose to spend less on these vital features. This has only been amplified by the fact that the welding field is one where consumers are heavily invested in technology and are always looking for ways in which to improve their business output and quality. It’s pretty clear that if you provide the best machines, you will be the best in the business.

They are able to satisfy their customers to the fullest

Behind each CEA welding machine, there is a story. There has been months (if not more) of trial and error, research and careful, meticulous planning. All of this, to create a machine that will satisfy every customers’ desire. Research and development are the keys to success. CEA has researched what could make the customer’ experience with the machines better, what features they would like to see incorporated in the machines and what aspects could be improved. This is how they build machines that cater to the needs of real welders and not just what they think welders might need or want. This is just one of the many ways that CEA welding have continued to satisfy customers and built a dedicated customer base.


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