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19 December 2017

5 fundamental features of CEA welding machines

For decades, CEA welding has resided at the top of the industrial welding field and has continued to preserve its well-deserved reputation as one of the worldwide leaders in designing and manufacturing welding machines.

But, what are the most important features of CEA welding machines? What makes them stand out from the crowd? What makes their machines reside at the very top of the line? Well, today, we are going to take a little peak at what makes CEA’s machines so special as we look at the five fundamental features that they have in common.


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They are “green” machines that support the eco-friendly company philosophy

Caring for the environment has always been an important element of CEA’s corporate philosophy. With the latest technologies and equipment, CEA welding has managed to achieve what many have sought to do. To create machines that are environmentally friendly. They have done this thanks to the latest inverter equipment, working at higher frequencies (when still using traditional machines) and improving the electromagnetic efficiency of power components. Each of these brings a range of benefits with them, firstly, there is a significant decrease in energy consumption. This does vary greatly from one machine to the next (the PFC device is widely known to be the greatest energy saver). Secondly, they obey and comply fully with the environmental “green” standards for example, RoHS (the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive). And thirdly, there is less cost for future waste and recycling. So, there we have the first fundamental, and rather unique, feature of CEA welding machines. Committed to going “green” and making the welding field a more eco-friendly place, CEA stands out from the crowd as behind each machine, there is a “green” philosophy.

They are renowned highly efficient and precise

Now, just because CEA’s machinery is “green”, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on efficiency or precision. Instead, these machines are renowned in the welding community as being some of the most efficient and precise around. Just reading through the descriptions of the welding machines on their website, it is clear to see the high efficiency and precision of each of the products. These contribute to the excellent welding characteristics that every CEA machine is renowned for.

They are user-friendly and easy-to-use

For decades, CEA welding has been hell-bent on producing products that are not only robust and user-friendly, and that is just what they have done. Their welding machines have evolved greatly over-time and have gone from one strength to the next, particularly in terms of their easy-to-use interface. According to the profiles of the various machines that can be viewed on the company’s website, a number of helpful features are present with every device to ensure that it is as user friendly as possible. For example, with the Maxi welding machine, there is an easy-to-read and adjustable sloping control panel that is highly visible and easy-to-read from any direction.

They are known for their attractive, highly modern design

One of the features that is repeatedly stated as fundamental to CEA’s welding machines is the design and look of the machinery. Each machine, though different, has been expertly crafted to look as compact and attractive as possible. The innovative and highly modern design is second to none and has added to the machinery’s popularity. A few practical features that many of the machines share that add to the machine’s attractive and modern design are: reduced weight and size (this makes transportation easy) and a metallic main structure with shock-proof fibre compound front frames.

Each machine is innovative and creative

Since its birth in 1950, each welding machine that has left CEA’s warehouse is constantly moving forward in terms of technological innovation. Behind each piece of machinery, there is innovation and creativity that ensures CEA’s place apart from the crowd. It is this innovative streak that has placed them at the top of their field and that has given them the competitive edge. This is a fundamental feature of each welding machine and arguably, the most important feature.


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