BASIC CONSUMABLE KIT BOX is the best solution for having  an easy and complete range of consumables for the torch SK125.
We based this kit on our experience and we’ve included a wide range of consumable: nozzle, external nozzle, electrode, shield, swirl ring, o-ring and siliconic lubrificant for o-ring. We’re sure that this kit will be very useful for all those who do not want to run out of consumable.

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CS is our guarantee hallmark for CEA PLASMATECH consumables. All original consumables belonging to SK and SKM torches of SHARK equipment are CS marked to prove the origin. The CS mark, present on all consumables, is the guarantee that all declared performances can be achieved.
Geometric shape study of torch components, quality in their employed materials, precision in machining and coupling – the results of years of experience – form the basis of SK and SKM torch development and utilization with our cutting power sources.
The use of CS marked original consumables is strictly recommended.
The reason for this is that the use of non original parts, besides affecting the optimal performance of the equipment, will tend to generate overheating and changes in the electrical voltages with the consequent risk of:

  • Overheating and damage to the torch
  • Poor performance and damage to the power source
  • Worsening in cutting quality
  • Compromised safety of the equipment

Considering the foregoing, using non original CS marked components will render void all warranty and CEA PLASMATECH can no longer be deemed responsible for any consequent accident or injury which might occur.


1 433608 O-ring 2
2 482135 Swirl ring 45-85 A 1
3 482136 Swirl ring 100-125 A 1
4 425023 Electrode 10
5 408616 Nozzle 85 A 5
6 408612 Nozzle 105 A 5
7 486028 External nozzle, 45-85 A 1
8 486029 External nozzle, 100-125 A 1
9 487632 Shield cap 45-85 A (manual cut) 1
10 487631 Shield cap 100-125 A (manual cut) 1
11 487640 Shield cap (gouging) 1
12 408631 Nozzle 105 A (gouging) 3
13 Silicone lubrificant for O-Ring 1

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