SK 75

SK75 torches for manual cutting are characterized by High Performance Cutting HPC technology which permits an increase in air quantity and speed, to better concentrate the plasma cutting beam and to stabilize the cutting arc.


  • high cutting speed
  • optimal quality and cleanliness of the cut surfaces
  • high concentration of the plasma cutting beam
  • lack of dross
  • reduction in the heat affected zone
  • longer life of the consumables
  • piercing on lamination achieved in shorter times
  • All SK torches are fitted with a coaxial cable which combines great flexibility to robustness and resistance to crushing.


HPC – High Performance Cutting technology permits the generation of radial and swirling gas flows to the cutting arc axis, thus creating a plasma beam at a very high temperature that melts and vaporizes the surface being cut in a  more efficient way.
This technology also avoids the phenomenon of the double arc – formation of two arcs in series between the cathode and the workpiece surface – the main reason for damage to the nozzle and arc instability – by ensuring the highest quality and the best cutting performance together with a longer life of the consumables.

Main advantages are:

High Performance Cutting technology is the very best choice for plasma torches with nominal cutting currents above 60 A.
New High Performance Cutting SK torches increase the density of the plasma cutting beam and reduce the width of the arc cut area, by producing a narrower and less inclined cut. This is achieved by easily removing the molten
material with a consequent improvement of the cutting quality, which shows neat cuts, lack of dross, minimal heat-affected zone and sufficiently squared edges.

  • Better cutting quality
  • High cutting speeds
  • Narrower cuts
  • Longer life of the consumables
1 422674 Torch body 1
2 433605 O-ring 20
3 425022 Electrode 5
4 482134 Swirl ring 2
5 408609 Nozzle 50 A 10
6 408610 Nozzle 70 A 10
7 486049 External nozzle 1
8 487630 Shield cap (manual cut) 2
9 425059 Extended electrode 5
10 408623 Extended nozzle 50 A 5
11 408624 Extended nozzle 70 A 5
12 424490 Extended Shield cap (manual cut) 2

Assembled on SK75 torch when supplied with the equipment

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