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19 September 2017


vision.ARC2 is the evolution of the vision.ARC software for the arc control, developed by CEA to achieve a more perfect and stable arc, together with a superior correction in the control of the welding pulse impulse.

Available not only for all DIGITECH VP2 equipment, but also – in robotized applications – for ROBOCASE power sources, new innovative vision.ARC2 allows to better monitor and manage in a far more efficient way all unwished physical phenomena, which may often negatively affect the arc stability and, consequently, the control capacity of the power source.

New vision.ARC2 allows the power source control to operate in a very precise and faster way, thus granting an absolute constant arc and a perfect detachment of the droplet, mostly in MIG PULSED and DUAL PULSED.

Main advantages of vision.ARC2 versus previous version are the following:

  • better arc stability
  • optimization of the impulse characteristics
  • quick and precise control of the shortcircuits, whenever welding with a very short arc
  • faster welding speed
  • further reduced heat input

vision.ARC2, besides perfectly supporting all special welding processes, i.e. vision.COLD, vision.PIPE, vision.ULTRASPEED and vision.POWER, is the software platform which enabled the development of the here below listed new special pulsed processes, i.e.


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