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23 January 2018

Why choosing italian welding machines manufacturers

When it comes to welding machines, the choice is endless and, at times, overwhelming. There are so many decisions that you have to make: what welder will do I need, should I go for Arc or Resistance, how much am I willing to spend, what company should I buy it from and so on.

Now, I can’t help you with all of these questions but I can help you with a question that, by the looks of the internet forums, stumps many: what country should my welding machine manufacturer be from? It might not seem like a difficult question but as technology evolves, some countries are advancing faster than others, offering better quality machinery with added benefits and one that is doing just that is Italy. So, if you are wondering why you should invest in an Italian welder then just read on below and prepare to be mesmerised.

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They are developing quite the reputation

For decades, Italy has strived to reach the top of the welding field by designing and manufacturing welders that fulfil the needs of the people. This has not gone unnoticed by the welding communities around the world as they proclaim the greatness of Italian welding machines manufacturer. Now, a reputation can say a lot of things about a business but let’s take a look at what the machinery itself offers and why they have gained such notoriety.

They offer superior quality in every aspect

The quality of Italian welding machines is second to none as is proven by some of the most acclaimed Italian brands, principally CEA Welding. CEA is a welding machine manufacturer with a rich Italian heritage. Founded in 1950, it has risen to become one of the worldwide leaders of the industrial market partially thanks to its dedication to quality (and customer service – but we’ll talk more about that later). For anyone about to purchase a welding machine, which is to say the least, a costly investment that you will want to get right first-time round, quality is key. Finding machinery that can stand the test of time, machinery that can be used time and time again without fear of a breakdown is vital for all customers. This is something that these welding machines manufacturer appear to understand all too well as they continue to put quality first.

They invest in their customer service

We all know that feeling of dread when there is a breakdown or a faulty part and we must make that long call to the customer service hotline to ask for assistance. With Italian welding machines manufacturer, it is evident that they are whole-heartedly invested in their customer service and in ensuring that their customers receive all of the help and assistance necessary. CEA has gone as far as to create the moto “Welding Together” which seems to speak to their dedication to their customer base! So, if you fear the Italian bureaucracy could interfere with your welding experience, well, think again!

Cutting edge innovation and technology

One thing that is not in short supply in the Italian welding world is innovation and technology. In fact, these are two characteristics which it seems all Italian welding machines manufacturer strive to attain and assert. CEA Welding has placed itself on the map with their reputation as a leader in the innovative design and manufacture of Arc and Resistance welding machines as well as Plasma cutting equipment. This is just proof of how cutting edge and strong the Italian welding market is as they, not only fight to provide the best welding machines possible but also to, continue to improve and develop new ideas and technology that will make every welders life easier.

Product care

Now in the Italian industrial field, it is fair to say that there is more than a few controls and regulations in place. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the very reception of incoming materials to the final strict quality checks on the finished products, there are extremely strict and severe controls in place to ensure that what leaves the warehouse to come to you is of the highest possible quality. We have the Total Quality criteria to thank for this and various other certifications which many reputable welding machines manufacturer seek to acquire in order to ensure they place themselves ahead of the competition.

Well, there you have it! Why haven’t you bought your Italian welding machine yet?


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