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12 March 2018

The 4 advantages of selling used industrial machinery

In a world that is ruled by materialism, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that new means everything. Many companies, particularly when it comes to selling industrial machinery and supplies, lean towards selling brand-new, never used products as they think it is exactly what clients are looking for. Well, it is time to think again! We are entering the era where used machinery is becoming ever more popular so let’s talk about just a few of the advantages of selling pre-owned items!

It’s your chance to save the environment

As we are all very much aware, our planet is in a rather precarious position, and it is our duty to do all we can to save it. One way to help this fight is to buy and sell used products opposed to new. Investing in used machinery ensures that we are less wasteful and therefore, more green and eco-friendly. Offering your customers, the opportunity to buy used machines is the perfect opportunity to, not only do your part to go green but also to, build a reputation as a green company – something that many will be impressed by!


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You will stock something for every customer

When it comes to industrial machinery, it’s just a well-known fact that not everyone has the budget to splash out on the most state-of-the-art equipment! Businesses that are just starting out or just beginning to venture into industrial manufacturing will certainly not have the budget to purchase a brand-new piece of machinery. A used item of machinery, on the other hand, is much more accessible as a lower price helps companies avoid huge loans which can be extremely damaging (particularly to those just starting out). Even if they have to take out a loan, with a used machine, the amount of interest will be greatly reduced and will be much easier to repay within a short time-frame. Stocking used machinery will ensure that you can capitalise on every corner of the market, no matter the budget!

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Help your less-experienced clientele to avoid costly errors

Now, with great choice comes great responsibility. The industrial market is one that is constantly evolving and changing with more choices of machinery and supplies being added. It is unsurprising that the task of choosing what machine to purchase has become a rather unenviable one. This is only made worse by the fact that the tasks, which those who buy them undertake, are becoming increasingly diverse and as a result, many do not want to invest in new, expensive machinery that may not fit their business’s long-term needs. Well, that is where used machines come in. With their significantly reduced price-tag, customers are able to purchase a machine to fulfil the needs that they have at that exact moment in time or even just to test it out to see if it is the right fit for their projects. Further down the line, they can then invest in new machinery that suits their needs and that they know works for them! As a seller of used machines, you will most likely receive repeat sales and see a level of customer loyalty often unseen by the sellers of new machines. You offer a degree of flexibility as they can purchase it and resell it later with less depreciation, avoiding the long wait times and significant loss in value that always follows the purchase of new machinery.


You offer your customers security

Businesses work tirelessly hard to improve their time to market capabilities. They understand the importance of delivering quality products with fast turnaround times. However, it is an unfortunate fact that from time to time, machines may break down or slow down due to faulty parts. These could require costly replacements or the expense of calling out a professional to fix the machine or, in the worst case scenario, a whole new machine. In such cases, businesses can avoid downtime by stocking good quality, used back-up machinery. They can take advantage of purchasing and using branded machines at a fraction of the original price. Promoting the used machines that you sell as a way to build an inventory of back-up machines for big and small businesses alike is an excellent marketing technique.

Well, there you have it, these are just four of the advantages of selling used industrial machinery, but there are so many more! Go and discover them!



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