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20 March 2018

Resistance welding machine: CEA's know how

Since its birth, CEA has always placed a strong emphasis on incorporating a little bit of everything into their business, always looking to offer its customers access to the latest welding techniques and the know-how to use them! That has particularly been the case when it comes to entering the world of resistance welding so, let’s take a look at what information CEA has to offer on the subject and what resistance welding machine is on the market.

Resistance welding machine: CEA RESTECH

CEA RESTECH is a division of CEA that is exclusively dedicated to all things related to resistance welding. They officially began their resistance manufacturing journey in 1950 although, the story dates back as far as 1936! CEA differs from any other company on the market as it boasts a rather extensive range of Resistance welding machine and equipments for the industry and component kits for integrators. However, RESTECH doesn’t always brave the welding world alone and often partners with TECNOROBOT to provide very advanced solutions to complex automation and robotised procedures. This combination offers something for everyone and every task while also providing in-depth advice and information to help even the most novice user.

So, now that we have some background information, let’s delve into the mysterious world of resistance welding products that are on the market.


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Spot and projection welding

The spot-welding family is not short of choice as it holds a large variety of pedestal rocker arm machines which are available in mechanical or pneumatic versions as well as vertical stroke pneumatic operated equipment. CEA holds a series of pedestal vertical stroke pneumatic operated units which are suitable for both spot and projection welding by utilising different tooling, completed by a bench type series. Alongside these items of machinery, we have pneumatic operated suspended guns for spot-welding with a built-in transformer. Looking at the range which CEA holds, we can see that they offer several Medium Frequency inverter machines, which are the answer to the increased demand for quality in resistance welding applications.


Butt Welders

This range consists of simple manually operated butt welders which are dedicated to drawing mill industry and have been developed to join steel, brass, aluminium and so on. Concrete rebar butt welders are also available for joining concrete reinforcing steel rods. Mass production pneumatic butt and/or flash butt welders complete the range by allowing high productivity in joining wires, pipes and hollow sections. There are several options that CEA has on the market from the manual butt welders to the automatic butt welders to flash butt welders. Each of these options offers a different choice that is designed to fulfil a diverse range of needs and tasks.

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Seam Welders

Seam welders have a diverse range that cater to many different tasks. There are machines which have rotating welding discs for water tight lamination seam welding applications split into RT (transversal welding) and RL (longitudinal welding) models. With this group of machinery, there is less choice but three phase versions! The range of equipment configurations enables you to obtain water tight seam welding of cylinders, fire extinguishers, radiators, tanks and similar items with excellent quality results.


Multiaxes robotised welding systems

This category consists of robotised equipment that can work on more axes for resistance spot or projection welding of pieces placed on proper jigs, suitable for repetitive small series jobs. The Voyager equipment is a robotised system that falls into this group. With the main features of the Voyager equipment being flexibility, productivity and easy programming, it isn’t surprising that these tools are most suited for working with small series mesh and mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium lamination parts.


Customised equipment

CEA designs and manufactures, in-house, special machines customised to suit the special requirements of the clients. If you are looking for something in particular, CEA should be kept in mind as they are able to manufacture machines that will fulfil your every need.


Controls and components

A wide range of electronic controls and components kits suitable for all integrators, special machine manufacturers and retrofit jobs are held by CEA. There are a few options regarding controls and components that CEA supplies: AC electronic controls, MF electronic controls, AC transformers and MF transformers.



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